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What categories of Personal Information do we collect? What are the purposes for which we collect and use your Personal Information?
- Identifiers: This includes your name, mailing address, email address, mobile and telephone phone number, IP address, social network details, or other similar identifiers. - Any Personal Information Described in Subdivision (e) of Section 1798.80, including: - Account Login Data. Any data that is required to give you access to your specific account profile. Examples include your login ID/email address, screen name, password in unrecoverable form, and/or security question and answer. - Social Media Information. This includes information you post on our social media pages. This also includes your social media profile information. - Technical Information. This includes your mobile advertising ID, web browser type and version, device characteristics, and operating system. This also includes data about the computer system or other technological device that you use to access the Services, such as the IP address used to connect your computer or device to the Internet and other online identifiers. If you access the Services via a mobile device such as a smartphone, the collected data will also include, where permitted, your phone’s unique device ID, and other similar mobile device data. - Marketing and Communications Information. This includes your preferences in receiving marketing, promotions, and sales offers and other types of communications from us. - Other Information You Provide to Us. This includes the content of your communications with us, photographs you share with us as part of a sweepstakes or contest, and information you post or disclose through the Services (e.g., ratings and reviews), in blogs, on message boards, in chat rooms, or in other public areas. - Usage Information. This includes how you interact with the Services. For example, if you use our Apps, we may look at how often you use the App and where you downloaded it. - Payment and Financial Information. This includes your method of payment (e.g., bank details and credit, debit, or other payment card information), bank account number, and billing address. This also includes any data that we need to fulfil an order, or that you use to make a purchase, or other forms of payment (if such are made available). - Transactional Information. When you make a purchase or return, we collect information about the transaction, such as product details, purchase price, and date and location of the transaction. - Demographic Data & Interests. Any data that describes your demographic or behavioral characteristics. Examples include your date of birth, age range, geographic location (e.g., ZIP code), favorite products, hobbies and interests, and household or lifestyle data. In some cases, this could include data that you give us about someone else. For example, if you provide a friend’s email address for a tell-a-friend program. If you are a health care professional, we may collect data about your practice. - Third-Party Social Network Data. Any data that you share publicly on a third-party social network or data that is part of your profile on a third-party social network (such as Facebook) and that you allow the third-party social network to share with us. Examples include your basic account data (e.g., name, email address, gender, birthday, current city, profile picture, user ID, list of friends, etc.) and any other additional data or activities that you permit the third-party social network to share. We receive your third-party social network profile data (or parts of it) when you download or interact with the Services on a third-party social network such as Facebook, when you use a social networking feature that is integrated within one of the Services (such as Facebook Connect) or every time you interact with us through a third-party social network. To learn more about how your data from a third-party social network is obtained by us, or to opt out of sharing such social network data, please visit the website of the relevant third-party social network. - Comments, Discussion, and Chat Data. This includes data relating to chat bots, interactive features, upload content and images. - Characteristics of Protected Classifications under California or Federal Law: This includes your age and gender. - Commercial Information: This includes information about the products or services purchased, obtained, considered, or returned, as well as other purchasing or consuming histories, behaviors or tendencies, and the following: - Consumer-Generated Content. Any content that you create and then share with us on the Services. Examples include photos, videos, personal stories, or other similar media or content. Where permitted, we collect and publish consumer-generated content in connection with a variety of activities, including contests and other promotions, website community features, and consumer engagement. - Market Research & Consumer Feedback. Any information that you share with us about your experience of using our products and services. - Internet or other Electronic Network Activity Information: This includes information related to your browsing history, search history and other information regarding your interactions with the Services or advertisements, including, without limitation, actions you perform (e.g., clicks, mouse movements, keystrokes, and entering and submitting information) on the Services. As you navigate through and interact with the Services, or our communications, we may use automatic data collection technologies to collect certain data about your device(s) and your actions. This includes data such as which links you click on, which pages or content you view and for how long, and other similar data and statistics about your interactions, such as content response times, download errors, and length of visits to certain pages, as well as operating system type and web browser type and version. - Audio, Electronic, Visual, or Similar Information. This data may include photos and videos that you share with us as consumer-generated content or via third-party social networks, as well as recordings of and information you provide during your conversations with us. We may also visually record your interactions with the Services, including your mouse clicks, movement, scrolling, and navigation through the Services. This does not include any data from your device’s camera. - Inferences: We collect profile inferences that we draw from your information and web activity to create a personalized profile so we can better identify goods and services that may be of interest to you. - To Communicate with You. We use Personal Information (e.g., your contact information) to respond to your questions and comments when you communicate with us through links or pages through the Services, such as the "Contact Us" feature, and to send you administrative information (e.g., information regarding the Services and changes to our terms, conditions, and other policies). - To Process Your Transactions. If you purchase products from us on or through the Services, we use your personal information, such as your contact information and payment information to process your purchase, confirm your order, and deliver the items to you. - To Administer the Services. We use your Personal Information to administer the Services and carry out any other business activities. - Abandoned Cart. We use cookies to help keep track of the items you put into your cart, including when you have abandoned your cart, and use this information to determine when to send a cart reminder via SMS or other channels. - To Provide You with Personalized Recommendations. If you choose to complete assessments in the Services, we will use information that you provide (including health information if you provide it to us in this manner) to send you personalized product recommendations and other information that we believe may be of interest to you. We also use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertising and content, and to allow you to participate in interactive features, when you choose to do so. For example, we remember your login ID/email address or screen name so that you can quickly login the next time you visit the Services or so that you can easily retrieve the items you previously placed in your shopping cart. - Third-Party Social Networks. We use your Personal Information when you interact with third-party social networking features, such as “Like” functions, to serve you with advertisements and engage with you on third-party social networks. You can learn more about how these features work and the profile data that we obtain about you, and find out how to opt out by reviewing the privacy notices of the relevant third-party social networks. - To Perform Analyses. We use your Personal Information to perform business analyses or for other purposes designed to improve the quality of our business and the Services we offer. - To Prevent and Detect Fraud and Other Crimes. We use your Personal Information to help prevent and detect fraud and other crimes that might be committed using or against the Services. We may use your information to investigate possible violations of and enforce our contracts. We may also use your Personal Information to protect our or others’ rights, privacy, safety or property, and/or that of our affiliates. We do this to protect our business assets and to comply with our legal obligations. - To Manage and Operate Our IT Systems. We use your Personal Information to help us in troubleshooting, testing, maintaining, and protecting our IT systems, including our Sites. - To Comply with Legal and Regulatory Obligations. We use your Personal Information to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, which arise from time to time. For instance, we may use your contact information to alert you if a product is recalled. - Email Newsletters, Text Campaigns, and Promotions. If you’ve requested marketing communications, we will use your Personal Information, including your contact information, to send you our newsletters, exclusive offers, promotions, and loyalty rewards program updates if applicable, and product news through email and text messages. We may also use your Personal Information to administer our promotions and loyalty rewards programs as applicable. - Surveys, Sweepstakes, and Message Boards. If you use features, such as surveys, polls, sweepstakes, and message boards in the Services, we will use your Personal Information, including your contact information, to enable your participation. Additional Purposes: - Aggregate or Anonymous Personal Information. We use Personal Information you provide to us regarding the Services to provide product feedback to our customers in aggregated form. We may also use Personal Information in an aggregated non-specific format for analytical and demographic purposes. - As Otherwise Permitted by Law or as We May Notify. We may also use information you provide to us for other purposes as disclosed at the time you provide your information or otherwise with your consent.