Why Do We Need Protein?

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Often referred to as one of the cores ‘building blocks’ of our body, we know that we need a healthy and regular supply of protein. But what exactly does protein do? Why do we need it?

Protein is one of the integral nutrients we require to thrive sufficiently; it underpins and aids a myriad of daily bodily functions. It also works to protect our immune system1. It really is the nutrient that does it all.

The available information about protein can be nebulous to navigate, so if you’re eager to learn more, we have assembled this guide that will simplify all there is to know about this nutrient’s purpose in your body.

The Role of Protein in the Body

Being conscious of our protein intake, and the forms we’re deriving it from, is essential to ensure that we meet the recommended daily intake of the nutrient.

Protein consists of chains of amino acids, which are organic molecules that perform many functions within the body’s cells. Over ten thousand different types of protein exist in your body2, and each are tasked with maintaining your body and its many chemical reactions3, from your digestion and hormone regulation to strengthening your tissues and cells.

Let’s delve into some of the specifics of protein:

Protein and Tissue Maintenance:

Our body’s tissues are constantly reforming and changing. Every day, billions of our cells die and are reborn from chemical reactions. Protein is crucial in this process to ensure that the new tissues forming are strong and supportive.

It goes without saying that protein aids the development of muscle mass4, which is why it works concurrently with strength and weight training so well. However, protein can also contribute towards reduced recovery times, whether that’s from a strenuous workout, an injury or an operation. Such features are what make protein so integral for athletes and sportspeople.

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Protein for Athletes:

Whether your diet is packed with poultry, dairy and eggs or you obtain your sources of protein from protein powders and supplements, it’s especially essential that athletes consume ample quantities of protein to adequately fuel their rigorous workout routines. Protein is crucial to fortify muscle mass, repair tissue and compound the progress you’re making in the gym.

So, now you know all there is about protein and why it’s so crucial, discover the correct quantities you need with our guide to how much protein you need each day.

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