Protein Powders

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Protein is a key macronutrient essential for muscle building and maintaining a healthy body composition. For athletes especially, protein is the critical fuel necessary to repair muscle tissues as they are broken down through training and competition. Athletes have unique nutritional needs when it comes to protein, and when diet alone isn’t sufficient, the Klean Athlete protein powders category can help fill the gaps. Klean Athlete offers a range of protein options in a variety of flavors including whey isolate and collagen, which offer the essential amino acids for muscle-building and easily absorbable collagen peptides for joint and connective tissue support. All products easily mix with milk and/or water and can be added to shakes or smoothies, and some can even be added to baked goods —ensuring that athletes can meet their daily protein-intake requirements in a variety of healthy, great-tasting and convenient ways.

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