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For everyday and high-performance athletes, health is the greatest asset. It’s the foundation to any training or exercise plan, and proper nutrition helps athletes consistently stay in the game and perform at their best, especially when the going gets tough. An athlete’s nutrition can make or break a personal best, and for those balancing a busy life beyond sport alone, it can be difficult to maintain optimal nutrition exclusively from food. That’s where Klean Athlete vitamins, minerals and herbs come in, offering a wide selection of products to meet the unique nutritional needs of any athlete. Designed for everyday use no matter what’s on the training schedule, these products are the core nutritional foundation for any athlete. These products work synergistically to enhance overall micro nutrient intake; provide joint, muscle and immune support; enhance digestive and immune health; and more. For athletes whose goals are as unique as they are, Klean Athlete vitamins, minerals and herbs belong in the everyday toolkit for personalized nutritional support.‡
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