Fuel to Succeed: The Ultimate Sports Supplement Routine

So, you’ve got your training plan sorted. You’ve also got your diet and nutrition plan in place. What else can you do to enhance your routine and performance?

To help you fuel your body before, during, and after a workout, we’ve put together the ultimate sports supplement routine. Support every stage of your training regime with our range of Klean Athlete sports supplements.

Discover which supplements are best for you and your routine.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to power through any workout. From Klean Creatine Powder to Klean Pre-Workout, check out our range of pre-workout supplements that will improve endurance and help you get the most out of your sessions.‡

1. Klean Creatine

Take creatine supplements 30 minutes before exercise to ensure your body has enough energy to perform high-intensity workouts.

Creatine is important for any athlete, as it has been clinically proven to help build muscle mass, increase strength, and aid in quick recovery after intense exercise.‡

Klean Creatine provides 5g of Creapure® creatine monohydrate and supports protein synthesis in your muscles – acting as a great recovery supplement on rest days.‡

Discover everything you need to know about creatine, from what creatine is to what it does, in this article:

What is Creatine and What Does it Do?


What is Creatine and What Does it Do?

Discover everything you need to know about creatine.

2022-01-26 14:58:43By Klean Athlete

2. Klean SR Beta-Alanine

Support muscle endurance and increase your exercise capacity with Klean SR Beta-Alanine. Formulated with SR Carnosyn®, this sustained-release formula has been clinically researched to support better muscle retention, while delaying fatigue, making it the perfect pre-workout supplement to support your training.‡

Take these beta-alanine supplements 30 minutes before exercise to sustain effort for high-intensity workouts and train more effectively. Beta-alanine will help you to train harder and stronger, as it will help to buffer the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles. ‡

3. Klean Pre-Workout

Fuel your training with Klean Pre-Workout Supplement, the latest addition to our range of sports nutrition supplements at Klean Athlete.

This pre-workout supplement has been designed to support optimal performance and endurance, containing a blend of beet root extract, vitamin C, and organic coffee to promote focus and alertness. ‡

Free from banned substances and approved by NSF Certified for Sport®, take this natural lemon tea flavored pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before training to fuel your body.

Intra-Workout Supplements

Provide your body with a direct source of energy during your training with our range of intra-workout supplements. From staying hydrated with electrolytes to supporting your body with BCAAs, take a look at why you should introduce these sports supplements to your line-up.

1. Klean BCAA + Peak®

BCAAs (short for branched-chain amino acids) are the building blocks of all protein in your body and are essential to an athlete’s recovery and muscle tissue repair. ‡

Support your body during training with Klean BCAA + Peak ATP®, which provides you with a unique combination of branched-chain amino acids and ATP. This blend helps to support peak physical performance and allows the body to train longer, harder, and stronger by providing a direct source of energy to the muscles. ‡

Mix one scoop with 8-10 ounces of water to consume during your workout for the perfect intra-workout supplement.

2. Klean Hydration Bundle

Keeping your body adequately hydrated before, during, and after exercise is the most important element to your supplement routine.

Regardless of your training intensity or your sport specialism, your body will lose fluid and electrolytes through sweat that can affect your physical performance.

The Klean Hydration Bundle is the addition to your intra-workout supplement routine, providing you with Klean Hydration and Klean Electrolytes in one convenient order.

Consisting of 6% carbohydrates plus additional minerals, drink our tasty natural orange-flavored Klean Hydration during your workout to replace fluid and electrolytes lost through sweat. Support your body further with Klean Electrolytes capsules, replenishing important minerals in your body during and after physical activity.‡

Post-Workout Supplements

No training routine is complete without post-workout supplements, which help to encourage recovery and repair after each session to ensure your body is prepared for your next workout. We have a range of post-workout supplements that you can add to your supplement routine to help power peak performance.

1. Klean Isolate

Whether it’s a protein shake, protein smoothie, or mixed into a healthy snack, it’s likely that you already include a protein powder as part of your nutrition plan.

Although it can be consumed before and during your workout, boost your protein intake post-workout to help your body to build and repair muscle. ‡

Klean Isolate is a whey protein powder available in a delicious Vanilla or Chocolate flavor. Take this post-workout supplement after training to help transform amino acids into new tissue and encourage muscle repair.‡

Incorporating one or more scoops per day into your diet will ensure your body is ready to tackle your next session.

2. Klean Joint & Muscle

Support muscle recovery and joint health with another new addition to the Klean Athlete range of sports supplements: Klean Joint & Muscle. Designed for those who train regularly and consistently, these post-workout supplements will help to support your joints and muscles and help you power through your next training session.‡

Containing tart cherry, tamarind seed, turmeric root, and astaxanthin, these supplements support muscle recovery, joint comfort, functionality and flexibility, and cartilage health. Take two capsules per day. ‡

3. Klean Recovery

To continue performing at your peak, you’ll need to ensure your body is recovering efficiently and effectively. Klean Recovery is the perfect post-workout supplement to add to your sports supplement routine and has been designed with the athlete’s recovery in mind.‡

Klean Recovery contains carbohydrates and protein to help support glycogen re-synthesis and muscle protein synthesis immediately after a workout. ‡

Available in a tasty milk chocolate flavor, Klean Recovery is also rich in amino acids that support muscle building and nitrogen balance to ensure your body is replenished post-workout.‡

The Complete Sports Supplement Routine

Health is your greatest asset as an athlete. With proper nutrition, you can fuel your body to train consistently, enhance performance, and reach your goals.

With our range of pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplements, you can support every stage of your training with Klean Athlete.‡

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