Mindfulness Meditation Training: What’s it All About?

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Not only do we have to keep our bodies healthy through exercise and the right nutrition with support from sports supplements, but it’s also just as important to keep our minds healthy too. Many people across the world are turning to mindfulness meditation to look after their mental wellbeing, but what’s the difference between regular meditation and mindfulness meditation? We’re here to give you the lowdown.

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Regular Meditation vs Mindfulness Meditation

The difference between mindfulness and meditation is in the ability to focus. Instead of attempting to switch off all thoughts and emotions like we do in regular meditation, mindfulness meditation allows the mind to focus on the present and acknowledge any other wandering thoughts before gently returning to the present.

A great way to maintain your focus in this mindfulness practice is to count your breaths. Notice your deep breaths in and the release you feel as you breathe out – remember to try and follow your natural breathing patterns instead of controlling them.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or fitness fanatic, you’ll often find yourself in a competitive culture that can at times become stressful – and that’s without the other factors of life bombarding your thoughts too! Mindfulness meditation is a great way to reduce your stress levels and remind yourself to stay grounded in the present.

Like meditation, all you need to do is find a quiet and comfortable space to sit, with no distractions nearby. Your session doesn’t have to be long, but feel free to set a gentle alarm to let yourself know when your session is over, whether you’re taking just five minutes from your day or twenty minutes. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start to apply your practices into everyday life as well, from simple daily tasks around the house to your workout routine.

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Why Should I Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Discover the many benefits to practicing mindfulness meditation below:

1. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Mindfulness allows you to take time to pause and bring your mind into the present moment, reducing your stress levels and anxiety. Whilst practicing, be sure to acknowledge any wandering thoughts that come into your mind without judgement. This means that you are self-aware of your thoughts concerning the past and future, but you can let them go and gently bring yourself back to the present and focus on your breathing.

2. Lower Heart Rate

Not only is mindfulness meditation good for your brain, it’s also good for your heart. Just by sitting and focusing on your breathing, this will bring a sense of calm to your body, lowering your heart rate and your blood pressure, easing any tensions throughout your body.

3. Improve Sleep

For anyone who struggles with their sleeping patterns, practicing mindfulness meditation is believed to better your sleep quality. People often find it difficult to get to sleep with too much on their mind, so why not take a moment before bed to relax your mind and body with this practice? Alternatively, you could start your day with some morning mindfulness meditation in bed to help you set intentions for the day, keeping you focused on achieving your goals.

4. Helps You to Stay Focused

Practicing mindfulness meditation is also a great way to improve your attention span and stay focused. By learning how to relax your mind and keep your attention in the present, you’ll be able to apply these practices in your everyday life. For example, when exercising you can pay closer attention to your movements and become more mindful of how your body feels, which will ultimately make your workout more effective.

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