Choconut Protein Powder Ice Cream

Ice cream always sounds like a good idea. Whether you crave one on a hot summer’s day or just simply want one after your meal, nothing beats this ice-cool creamy dessert.

As an athlete, it can be easy to become a creature of habit and stick to your routine of eating healthy, nutritious meals that will fuel your training. Want to enjoy a sweet, ice cream treat too? We’ve got your back!

Discover our choconut protein powder ice cream pops recipe. Not only will this tasty snack meet your cravings, but it will also help you meet your protein requirements thanks to our chocolate flavored Klean Isolate.

Our Klean Isolate protein powder is made to support athletes and provide you with the essential nutrients you need to fuel your training and overall health. Providing the essential amino acids for muscle building, including branched chain amino acids, Klean Isolate can support athletes whether building or repairing muscle.‡

It’s also free from artificial sweeteners and flavors, plus it’s NSF Certified for Sport®, making it a great option to enhance your daily intake of protein and amino acids. Klean Isolate also:

  • Provides 20g high quality whey protein isolate
  • Can easily be added to any beverage, smoothie, yogurt, baked goods or other recipes to increase protein intake
  • Is available in four flavors: unflavored, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate

How to Make Protein Powder Ice Cream?

This nutritious protein powder ice cream pops recipe is super easy to make. Made from a combination of chocolate protein powder, coconut and almond butter, discover the ingredients to make your own choconut protein powder ice cream pops below.


Choconut Protein Powder Ice Cream Pops

Prep Time
2 hours to freeze



  1. Place all your ingredients into a blender and begin to blend until smooth.  

  2. Pour the mixture into ice cream molds and pop them into the freezer for a couple of hours.  

  3. Once frozen, remove from the molds and enjoy! 


Nutrient Content per Choconut Protein Powder Ice Cream Pop: Calories: 51; Carbohydrate: 5 g; Fiber: 0.68 g; Protein: 2.9 g; Fats: 2.3 g; Sugar: 3.06 g; Sodium: 23.7 mg; Potassium: 42.5 mg.

Learn more about Klean Isolate and how to incorporate it into your nutrition plan here:

How to Use Whey Isolate in Your Fitness & Nutrition Plan


How to Use Whey Isolate in Your Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Learn how to use whey isolate protein powder in your nutrition plan.

2020-10-11 09:28:59By Klean Athlete


‡These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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