What are the Benefits of BCAAs?


As an athlete, we’re forever increasing the weight we lift, in order to boost our muscular endurance and performance. Consistent training should be supported by proper sports nutrition, and it’s widely known that a high protein diet, along with protein powder can help support your body. But, another sports supplement to introduce into your post-workout routine is a BCAA powder. Carry on reading to discover all the ins and outs about BCAAs.

What are BCAAs?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 different amino acids that make up the proteins in the human body. Nine of these amino acids are considered essential amino acids and must be procured through your diet as they cannot be synthesized by the body.
As well as a protein-rich diet, many athletes opt to supplement with BCAA powder to support their muscle endurance and recovery. So, what is a BCAA powder?

BCCA powder consists of the three branched chained aminos exist – leucine, isoleucine and valine. Each play a key role in preventing muscle breakdown and increasing muscle protein synthesis. When supplementing with a BCAA powder such as Klean BCAA + Peak ATP® , you’re helping to decrease the rate of muscle breakdown and provide the body what it needs to aid recovery.‡

What are The Benefits of BCAAs

BCAAs have many benefits, here are the top three benefits to supplementing with BCAAs.

1. Increased Strength and Power

When your body is well-fed and has an adequate balance of amino acids, your training will see a positive effect. BCAAs may increase the rate of muscle growth – and with increased muscle growth, a strength increase will naturally follow. With Klean BCAA + Peak ATP®, the added 400mg of ATP® has also been shown to support peak physical performance by increasing strength, power and muscle gain.

2. Recovery and Muscle Tissue Repair

When you lift weights or compete in any kind of physical activity, your body will go through muscle breakdown. The muscles then recover and grow bigger and stronger. BCAAs, along with a healthy diet, will aid in the recovery of your muscles and may even speed up the process slightly, allowing you to train again much sooner.‡

3. Ability to Train Longer and Harder

BCAAS will act as a direct fuel source for your muscles and may enhance endurance exercise capacity. With increased endurance comes more reps and better cardio!

Should you take BCAA powder? And if so, when should you take it? Research has shown that supplementing with BCCA powder can indeed be beneficial to those who struggle to get enough protein in their diet. It can also be used as a recovery drink and a pre-workout shake. So, try taking your Klean BCAA + Peak ATP® 30 mins prior to your workout and as an accompaniment to a meal on your rest days.

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